6 Fascinating Places to visit in Gandhinagar


Gujarat has a plethora of tourist destinations and if you are planning to visit the state for your next holiday, head on to Gandhinagar. The capital city of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is one of the must visit tourist places in Gujarat. Located on the banks of Sabarmati River,the city will give you an altogether exceptional travel experiences. Here are the most popular places to visit in Gandhinagar. Make sure you cover them all on your trip to the beautiful state.

Akshardham Temple

AkshardhamTemple is an existing evidence of finest Indian craftsmanship and architecture. Built in the year 1992, it is one ofthe most famous and largest temples in Gujarat dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. Akshardham in Gandhinagar is a holy place serving as a center of Hindu wisdom, exquisite architecture, education of all, research and art exhibition. When in Gandhinagar, do make a visit to the beautiful temple built using pink sandstone and settled amid alluring garden Sahajanand Van. The garden has a lake, herbal garden and waterfall to lure tourists. Explore the amazing temple and the areas around, get closer to spiritual peace and marvel the Indian heritage.

SaritaUdhyan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

SaritaUdhyan is among the lush green gardens situated in Sector 9 inGandhinagar. It is regarded as one of the best picnic spots in the city. People visit the garden to take a stroll across the calming ambience, relaxing their mind and body. It is this green garden that adds to the beauty of the city. You must visit the amazing garden with your kids and spend a serene evening amid the greenery. Also visit the deer park nearby.The place is immensely beautiful and you can easily reach Ahmedabad by air and head towards Gandhinagar. However, ensure booking cheap flight tickets at Indian Eagle .

Adalaj Step Well

Adalaj Step Well is a popular place to visit in Gandghinagar settled in the village of Adalaj. Constructed in 1499, by wife of Vaghela Chief, Veersinh, It is an architect preserved as an icon of architectural excellence of the ancient times and is also used as a spiritual and cultural sanctuary.The monument has an inciting Indo-Islamic architecture style with amazing intricate cravings on walls ofmythological themes. See the kalpaVrikshya (tree of life), Ami Khumbor’s (pot containing water of life)single stone slab carving and a small structure of navagraha (9 planets)

Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park

Did you have any idea there’s a Jurassic Park in India? Yes, Indroda National Park in Gandhinagar, Gujarat is a dinosaur and fossil park – home of dinosaurs. The park covers an area of 400 hectareson the banks of River Sabarmati. Dating from the Cretaceous period, it is ranked as the 2nd largest dinosaur eggs hatchery in the world.

Being one of the best tourist places in Gujarat, Indroda National park is India’s only dinosaur museum managed by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation (GEER).The park is divided into different sections like Mammal Section, Dinosaur and Fossil Section, Botanical Garden, Plant Section, Avifauna Section, Earth Section, Walk-in Aviary, Reptile Section and Marine Section. Moreover, there are several species of reptiles, birds, langurs, peafowls and nilgais. While exploring the park, you will find life-size statues of Titanosaurus, Brachiosauras, Megalosaurus, Antarctosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Barapasaurus, Iguanodon and Stegosaurus.

Children’s Park

Head on to this funworld in Gandhinagar and surprise your kids. Situated in the center of the amazing city, the children’s park serves to be one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Gandhinagar.Not just your kids, even you as adults will also enjoy spending hours at the park. The boat rides, green landscape, games and some more fun activities make it a perfect fun outing in the capital city of Gujarat. The surrounding greenery will allow you bask amid the natural peace.

Velavadar National Park

Last but not the least; explore Velvadar National Park on your tour to Gandhinagar. The place is famous for its abundant population of blackbucks. A large area of grassland, saline plains, mud flats and shrub lands, Velvadar National Park is located between Alang and Parvalia Rivers. Plan a day’s trip to the park and enjoy wildlife closely.

People from all across the world visit the national park to allure the sight of blackbuck in large numbers. You can also spot migratory birds from Europe, Siberia and Central Asia,when there in winters. Some of the most popular to be spotted in Velvadar are flamingoes, Sarus cranes, pelicans, white storks and some more. There are over 14 species of mammals, 140 bird species, 97 species of flowering plants and plethora of reptiles. It was once the hunting ground of the Maharaja of Bhavnagar state. Do pay a visit to Velvadar when in Gandhinagar.

Plan your trip to Gujarat and do not miss these best places to visit in Gandhinagar.

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