Best Places To Go From Bangalore By A Short Bike Trip


Bike road trips are the best way to rejuvenate your body and mind. Are you an active participant in your bike group and want to spend the weekend with your group? Then, if you are a resident of Bangalore, here are the places. In this article, we discuss the best places to go from Bangalore by a short bike trip. Some places, you can reach within three hours time, spend some worthwhile time with your group and come back in the evening.

1. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – B R Hills

Situated amidst the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats, the B R Hills is well-known for its abundant eco-systems of flora, fauna. Do not forget to visit the famous Biligiriranganatha Swamy temple. And the place, you can cover the distance within three hours. (175 km from Bangalore).

B R Hills

2. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – Ooty

To this place, you can stay for one night to see the scenic spots for couples such as Doddabetta. If you are a newlywed couple, you can go from Bangalore to this place by bike. This place is situated in the middle of the Nilgiri mountains. You can hold hands while going on trails, trekking activities and admire the very beauty of Mother Nature. The distance by bike – 282 km.


3. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – Savanadurga

Are you a person who loves adventure? Then this place is a must visit on a bike. You can go to this place on the weekends. You can take a lot of memorable photographs in this place. This place is known for its big boulders. The distance varies from 51 to 60 km.


4. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – Wayanad

One of the beautiful places in India and from God’s own country. This place, true to any natural beauty is Mother Nature’s gift to mankind in the form of rich wildlife, caves, waterfalls. It is located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Want to see the green cover of trees and grass covering the mountains? Kindly go to this place. It is considered one of the cool places in South India. Do not forget to visit the two dams, Karapuzha Dam and Banasura Sagar Dam. The other attractions are Edakkal Caves, Chembra peak, etc. Go for a four day trip by bike. You can enjoy places.


5. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – Skandagiri

The other name for this place is Kalavara Durga. Situated at a distance of 70 km from Bangalore, it is located near Nandi Hills. If you want to explore the rural life or discover ancient ruins related to the forts, then go to this place. If you are going during the monsoon, the place is a treat to watch. However, do not forget to carry your raincoat. The expenses are affordable to go to this place, and it is considered as a favorite place for many from Bangalore.


6. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – Madikeri

Mention the name and you are automatically reminded of Coorg Warriors. If you want to spend time with Mother Nature, then Madikeri is the place to visit. But ensure you pack the bags for at least four days trip by bike. The places you have to visit are Namdroling Monastery, Bhaagamandala, Elephant Dubare, Tala Cauvery and Abbey Falls. Do you want to know the distance from Bangalore? It is nearly 265 km.


7. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – Bandipur National Park

Do you want to park a bike in the safest of places and want to go roaming in the forest with a guide? Then the Bandipur national park is the place. The place is known for its tiger reserve. You can also see deer, bears, and elephants among the animals. Plan for a visit only in the summer season to view the animals. 229 km is the distance from Bangalore to this place.


8. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – Shivanasamudra

In the school books, you would have heard about the second name of the place – Niagra of Karnataka. This water from Cauvery flows from the mountains from a height of 320 feet. Go for a visit during the monsoon time by bike. You will never forget the experience. You can cover the distance from Bangalore within three hours (100 km).


9. Best Places To Go From Bangalore – Mysore

This place is easy-to-visit by bike. It is located at a distance of 139 km and during the trip to Mysore, do not forget to visit Srirangapatna for the famous Nimishamba temple and the ancient Tipu forts. The places to visit in Mysore are the Balmuri Falls, KRS dam, Mysore Zoo, and Jaganmohan Palace. Make a trip of three days, and do not forget to take the camera. And also, the bike trip to Chamundi Hills, you will love the journey.


10. Bird Sanctuaries

This place is a rare combination where you can see birds of various species. There are three bird sanctuaries you can go from Bangalore, and they are –

Kokkare Bellur – 100 km

Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary – 131 km

Ranganathittu – 129 km

Karanji Kere – 141.2 km

Rocky Places in Bangalore

Do you want to go to places with mountains? Then go to the Nine Hill Forts around Bangalore. They are known by the name Navadurgas and prominent among them are Nandidurga, Savanadurga, Devarayanadurga, and Makalidurga. The less prominent hill forts are

bird sanctuary

Kabbala Durga, Hulirayanadurga, Bairavadurga and Channarayanadurga. Are you a person who wants to go on an adventure? Then please do not miss the places.


Do you want to go to these places by bike? Then ensure that the bike is in top condition. And if the program is made for the weekends, then ensure that in the weekdays, the bike gets the maintenance service from best mechanics. Unlike in the olden days, where you have to take the bike to the mechanic, in recent times, you can just download the app of the home services company and book for the mechanic who provides home bike service Bangalore. You can schedule a time for service as per your own time. He will come and do the maintenance service. The bike will be in top condition and will give the best performance during the journey.

Do you want to know more about the best places to go from Bangalore by a short bike trip? Then visit our website on regular occasions.

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