Experience the Everlasting Spring on Cheap Holidays to Lanzarote


Lanzarote is a delightful Canary island under Spain; there is an old saying that, ‘change is always constant’. But in Lanzarote spring remains unchanged year round. On this Cheap Holidays to Lanzarote, explore this volcanic island and its awe-inspiring beauty. The ubiquitous Cesar Manrique architectural wonders are worth exploring on this all inclusive holidays to Lanzarote.

Scintillating beaches on this Holidays to Lanzarote

The contrasting nature of the beaches makes this island intriguing. There was some volcanic eruption that resulted in black rock formation across the black sand beaches. Check out the glorious golden sandy beaches in the midst of the volcanic mountains on very cheap holidays to Lanzarote.

For those interested in snorkeling then visit Playa de Papagayo. The volcanic rocks divide the beaches. Perfect place to unwind and relax on the golden sand.

Playa Chica

This small beach is, in fact, a perfect place to relax. The natural surroundings are mesmerizing, and also the sea beds are breathtaking and quite famous with divers. The sea life inside the stunning which includes a fish by name Felix.

Indulge in water sports at Playa de Famara Beach. The windy conditions are ideal for surfing. The area is full of volcanic rock and magnificent cliffs.

For tranquility and turquoise waters including ambiance; head towards Playa Flamingo.

Looking serenity and virgin beach? Visit Playa de las Conchas Beach, which his indeed isolated but nevertheless stunning. Relax around the golden sand or take a dip in the turquoise water of the Mediterranean.

The golden sand around the volcanic rock along the awesome dunes is what makes Playa La Francesa a perfect beach, the calm waters make it a perfect place for swimming.

The lagoon around the Playa Del Jablillo beach is an ideal place for scuba diving. People with no experience can also try scuba diving due to the low tides around the bay.

Volcano that Shaped the Island on Lanzarote Holidays

A volcano has indeed played a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of this island. However, one cannot ignore the ingenuity of Cesar Manrique whose creativity made it a major tourist’s destination.

The enchanting Jameos Del Agua is a glaring example of Cesar Manrique creativity. Moreover, there is garden beneath and bars restaurant, also the Blind albino crabs. Hollywood actress Rita Heyworth considers it the eighth wonder of the world.

El Diablo restaurant is a masterpiece by Cesar Manrique. He transformed a catastrophe into creativity. The food in this restaurant is cooked on the volcano. Explore the area and relish grilled meat and BBQ cooked over the volcano.

Timanfaya National Park is a stunning place; in fact, the place was destroyed and swallowed by a series of volcanic eruption during the 17th century. The volcano continued for 6 long years and what was left was an awe-inspiring landscape of strange looking lava cones.  The entire incident was witnessed by Yaiza priests who recorded this dreaded episode in their diaries. Timanfaya National Park is indeed a mysterious landscape in Lanzarote.

Cactus Garden and Mirador Del Rio on Cheap Holidays in Lanzarote

Cactus garden is a great example of Cesar Manrique creativity where 1000 different species of the thorny plant are spread across in a unique way. Mirador Del Rio is the greatest achievement of Cesar, it also reflects his philosophy.  Cesar Manrique was deeply influenced by the hippie movement, the iconic place is around 479 meters high above sea level, and provides a panoramic view of the surrounding isles.

Omar Sharif Museo Lagomar:

Omar Sharif famous Hollywood actor was in love with this island while shooting, ‘the Mysterious Island’. He brought this place but lost it in a bridge game to Sam Benady. However, the place is now dedicated to Omar Sharif. The architecture and design around the cave is a spectacular sight. German architect Dominik Von Boettinger and an Uruguay architect Beatriz Van Hoff are now involved in maintaining the place.

Ubiquitous César Manrique:

 Lanzarote is the result of César Manrique, who was a versatile painter sculpture and a legendary architect. He’s the one who shaped the entire island and transformed it into a tourist hub. On this Lanzarote holidays, check out the César Manrique Foundation, constructed on a volcanic bubble. There is also a private collection of this great architect. César belonged to the swinging 60’s when the hippie movement was in full flow. Those ideas are reflecting in his works. His artistic endeavors are always sustainable.

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