The countdown is finally on for the world’s biggest shopping event: Black Friday: meaning that soon you will be tempted with thousands and thousands and deals, offers, discounts, in-person doorbusters, you name it.

It’s becoming harder and harder to tell which deals are actually convenient from the ones that aren’t worth a single penny. On the other hand, it will be extremely easy to get caught up in the shopping madness. But if you’re careful enough, if you can’t tell the best deals, then Black Friday is going to be fun and – more importantly – it’s probably your best occasion to buy what you really want while saving some money.

Where does it all come from?

The phrase “Black Friday” originated in the US and it indicates the day after Thanksgiving. The first evidence of this term (that is, applied to a shopping context) dates back to 1961and it was used by the people of Philadelphia to describe the crazy hustle and bustle that occurred on that day. Pedestrians and cars everywhere.Later on, in the 80s, the phrase became more and more known everywhere: people used to say that the reason for the name was that, in that time of the year, every retailer begins to make a profit, going from being “in the red” to being “in the black”.

Today Black Friday is probably the period of the year when the tills on the high street ring more frequently than Christmas and online retailers are eager to offer you their best promotions. It’s the official start of the shopping festive season and this year it falls on 23 November, but – as usual – it will be followed three days later with Cyber Monday (another US import). Having said that, keep in mind that more and more retailers now tend to consider a larger period of time: some even unveil their promotions on 1 November, so keep an eye out for that!

Travel deals: starting from hotels…

Many Black Friday deals have already started, some of the cuts that will be available on the “official” period have already leaked, and everyone is ready to dig in. A funny thing is that most of the people always think about flat-screen TVs, cutting-edge smartphones, expensive high-quality earphones or speaker, but also fridges, microwaves, and vacuum cleaners, or even books.

Well, don’t forget: the travel industry plays a crucial role in this shopping game too. Contrary to what everybody believes, there’s nobody better at coming up with unbelievable deals and offers than them.

Think about all the places you always wanted to go, all the cities you wanted to visit and, of course, all the hotels you always wanted to book. And if you’re looking to next summer, just be aware that the travel industry has an incredible agenda for you: so be ready to book for Easter or summer holidays.

Here’s a quick example for you: Radisson and its Cyber Special. If you book a room in Europe between 19 November and 27 November, you get 30% off weekends. It’s valid for all weekends until 31 August 2019 or you can enjoy the same discount 7 days a week during the Easter period (meaning from 5 April to 6 May 2019). Well, Cyber Special, indeed.

…to flights and cruises

When it comes to travels, you have to consider the whole spectrum of the industry. So,you should keep an eye out for flight tickets. All the companies will do their best to get more and more customers or keep the ones they already have happy. Low-cost airlines (say, Ryanair) will offer low fares sale (probably even lower than usual), but also all the other airlines (say, British Airways) will heavily promote their Black Friday sale. There probably won’t be specific destinations you can choose, so let your fantasy run free and make your dream come true.

Undoubtedly, cruise operators will do their best to grow their consumer base even more: and they will probably do so by trying to attract a younger audience. In fact, there are so many cool things you could do: river cruise, for instance, are starting to explode in recent years Have you ever dreamt of gliding along the Danube or the Seine? This is the right opportunity, then!

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