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How Can A Bike Trip To The Himalayas Improve Your Health?


Barely two centuries ago, in India, travel was included as an important lesson in education. The reason, the activity had so many benefits. And it was the norm in those days, to live in native town or village till the old age. Afterward, every person wanted to go to Kashi and then pass his/her last days in solitude. In recent times, because of the hectic nature of work and personal life, many opt for travel to a new place to get rejuvenated. And many (are you one among them) prefer bike travel. In this article, let us discuss on how can a bike trip to the Himalayas improve your health and beauty?

Himalayan Tour

A bike trip to the Himalayas includes a good plan. Are you among a group of bikers who want to travel the entire road right from Bangalore to Ladakh? Then congratulations! Other than exploring the wildness and nature sceneries, get to know how travel can improve the health of your body.

1. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Relief from Stress


Ask any traveler about the benefits of going to a new country or place and he/she will point at the reduction of stress as the sole cause. You are thrown to an entirely new set of experiences which can rejuvenate the body and mind. You get to meet new people and have to respond to new situations. The two activities make the mind sharp and pave the way for personal growth.

2. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Healing Places

Healing places

There are many natural springs in the Himalayan region which are supposed to have healing properties. They are believed to cure simple and complex diseases. Make a plan, and search for the places where the rivers exist. Pay a visit to the place. The memories will stay forever. Search for Panamik in Ladakh and Vashisht in Himachal Pradesh.

3. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Improves Your Health

improve your health

Riding a bike in the wild roads and among dense forests is not easy. If you are traveling around mountain roads, you can experience sharp bends. So, health plays a major part in traveling from your present destination to the Himalayan region of Ladakh.

As per psychology experts, travel can give the human mind an opportunity to expand. For example, there are many poets and scientists who have found the solution for their scientific experiments and theories.

4. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Improves Your Immunity


When the talk revolves around immunity, please note antibodies are required in large numbers to ward off the disease-causing germs. And in travel, if the duration of the journey is bound to be two weeks, then you cannot take 15 days food on your backpack. So, you are required to eat in hotels, restaurants all along the journey. Naturally, new food in a new environment will make your body build an immunity defense system.

5. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Reduces Heart Disease

heart disease

During your stay in the city, you hardly exercise. And your heart is filled only with pollutants as a result of vehicle and industrial equipment emission. On the bike trip to the Himalayas, you can experience the fresh air amidst Mother Nature. And your heart will get back to a healthy condition. This is one of the main reasons elders mandatory specify travel to the Himalayas as the best way to improve your health.

6. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Gratitude


If you are staying in an urban city, you get used to the surroundings. The same office, colleagues and your family members. Your mind can rarely see new aspects. But in travel, you will meet people of different cultures, you will get to know their problems and their requirements. The thought of possession of facilities back in the city may come in the mind. Now, your mind will start harboring feelings of gratitude. And a human mind with gratitude will always keep the body in good health.

7. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Improves Sleep


If you find difficulty in achieving the monthly target on your work, naturally you can suffer from stress. And it leads to poor sleep. The result is feeling worn out and depressed. And you will suffer from improper sleep. A journey to the Himalayas on a bike can set right the sleep patterns.

8. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Confidence


Yes, you neither have to go to work nor report to your boss as per the requirements. So, that is one satisfaction for you. In the journey, if you are going on a solo trip, then there is no one to take care. You need to take responsibility for safety and food. Naturally, you will encounter more situations, problems. And you have to find a solution in quick time. The entire experience can build confidence. And a confident individual rarely suffers from health problems.

9. Benefits of Bike Trip To The Himalayas – Creativity


There are many great writers, who take refuge in a new place or country to write a new book. A new place can initiate new thoughts, ideas and promote creativity. So, if you are a writer, novelist or in a profession, where creativity is needed, a bike trip to the Himalayas will definitely do more than good. Please note, that the creative juices get stimulated only when you roam around the new place and try to understand the local culture.


Have you read the article on how can a bike trip to the Himalayas improve your health? Well, we have given the benefits of travel. But to make the journey go smooth, the bike you ride must be in excellent condition. So, before starting on the trip, have it checked by the best bike service center in Bangalore. Also, you need not take the bike to the mechanic. Just download the app of the company offering bike repair services at the customer doorstep. Search for the bike mechanic near your home, place a request and ask him to come to the desired location to give maintenance service to the bike.

The concerned bike mechanic will turn the bike to excellent condition. Now, you can start the journey right from Bangalore to Ladakh along with your bike group. Happy Bike journey!

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