How Much Does a Trip to Desert Safari Dubai Costs You?


With all of this sand in Dubai, it might be a shame to not place it to sensible use! Well, we’ve the right treat for all you Adrenalin junkies out there! Skip the department stores and head on straight to the golden desert of Dubai and rent a buggy, quad bike, or motorbike! prepare for daily of utmost high energy action and roaring engine motors as you ride through the smooth Dubai sand, a really distinctive thanks to expertise the wonder of the Dubai desert. Be it a buggy, a quad bike, a motorcycle, what have you ever – we’ve it all! thus select your poison and find prepared for a wild safari adventure!

Dessert safari Dubai cost involves a motorcar drive through huge mounds of sand (called “dune-bashing”), and a stop at a camping area wherever you will have the chance to ride camels, get henna tattoos and be pleased by a professional dancer throughout dinner.

How Desert safari could be a very fashionable attraction in Dubai:

This expertise typically begins at 3 PM along with Skyland Tourism, a best tour company sending a vehicle to choose you and your family up from your hotel, the standard tour typically finishes by 9:30 PM and also the journey ends along with your trip back to your accommodation which can take about 45 minutes. You’ll be dropped off by the identical vehicle that picked you up within the afternoon.

There are long packages out there for desert safari Dubai cost additionally that typically begin at the identical time (at three PM) and ends sixteen hours later. You’ll experience a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere below the attractive night sky. During the safari tour, the primary thrilling activity is sand dune bashing. Because the sun sets you’ll reach your camping site wherever you’ll be ready to get refreshments and skill the subsequent activities: camel riding, squad, henna painting etc.

Regarding the cost:

The desert safari Dubai cost vary in prices, the most effective Dubai tour operator is Skyland Tourism, their costs vary from season to season and may vary from AED fifty to AED 350 per person (depending on your chosen package), and tickets are sometimes cheaper on journeys throughout the weekdays.

Here are a number of the activities:

Camel riding
Henna painting
sand dune bashing

This is open to everyone, desert safari however is most importantly designed for the acute thick-skinned Adrenalin junkies! It’s not the buggy, the quad bike, or the motor itself that drives the rider however the adrenaline streaming through his or her veins! All buggy, quad bike, and motorbike tours are going to be guided by professionals to confirm safety in the least times, however the desert safari Dubai cost provide you with a rider that can still have utmost freedom to experience the fun and excitement that the desert landscape must provide .Thus whether or not you be a beginner or knowledgeable, make sure to do this out! All instrumentation and equipment are going to be shouldered by us thus you need not worry about anything! Simply, head on to the desert and place up your fiercest front, as a result of you’re surely going to want it!

How to make your trip to desert memorable?

The best desert safari Dubai includes a travel across beautiful and attractive jungles and mountains. Earlier safaris were on foot, but presently the restructured best DESERT safari Dubai is sometimes conducted by a four-wheeled driven vehicle. The best desert safari Dubai is another mutation of the age recent campaign and is as exciting. Particularly city offers best desert safari Dubai that is primarily a travel through the sand dunes. The desert is also a barren house factory-made from sand and little hillocks stated as dunes. Once obtaining the desert sandstorms are fairly common and at that time visibility are usually reduced to zero.

 Transportation provided in the desert:

Thus there is a necessity for a special 4×4 container. Sometimes tin city the Toyota land cruiser is very common. The vehicle is spacious and with AC on does not get heated among the new dessert. Earlier best desert safari Dubai tourists used to be on camels – but that was throughout a bygone age. Whereas you are in town you will be able to book the best desert safari Dubai with of your best tour operator Skyland Tourism which provides the best packages out there. Skyland Tourism LLC run the Dubai desert safari follow set route and regime. You may invariably be picked up from your structure or place of the keep. This is usually among the morning and you will be a component of a bunch of six whom all follow. The belly dance signals the highest of the safari which could take from 5 to 6 hours. They’re typically priced between $ fifty to $65 per person.

Activities to do in desert safari Dubai:

This value includes develop and drop, food and refreshment additional as camel rides, and application of Henna and mehndi for the foreign women .Bushed all it is an outstanding outing. A desert safari excursion in Dubai is one amongst the foremost effective activities to experience among the deserts of the middle-east .best desert safari Dubai have kind of prospects and experiencing all would possibly finish in quite the trip for you and your family/ friends. Best Desert safari Dubai as the associate example has some terrific plans like long tenting where you are fenced in by the calm and peace of the desert region for an entire night. Of course, there will be tour guides on to guide you but you will even opt for special luxury hotels in Dubai simply just in case roughing it out is not for you.

Quad Bike Safari

Quad bikes in Dubai are a toast to each adventurer’s thirst that alone will quench your Adrenalin rush.


it’s one in all the favored components of the desert safari. You get to ski from the best dunes on a ski board, everybody will love as if you fall the soft sand is there to catch you. A thrilling expertise and one that each one ought to do a desert safari.

Falconry Experience:

One of the Arabian traditions is to own a falcon in your life. You’ll be able to do this and hold a falcon on your arms. Which can be a different experience for you.

Camel Trek

Another well-liked activity within the desert is that the camel trek. Relish the sunset whereas you’re on the best sand dune going towards the camp wherever you’ve got drinks and dinner looking forward to you. This can be a lot of personal thanks to expertise the desert atmosphere.

For your best trip to Dubai, and making it worth the money you’ll have to choose for getting best desert safari Dubai packages with affordable prices.

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