Jodhpur Fort – A Blend of Beauty and Power


Rajasthan was the land of the gallant Rajputs and the mighty forts of this state still stand as the proud structures of Rajput bravery.

Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan. Located at the threshold of the great Thar Desert, the city wakes up to the first rays of the sun. Jodhpur is famous for the Jodhpur Fort, standing intact for ages.

Also known as the Mehrangarh Fort, the Jodhpur Fort is one of the largest forts in India. This fort was constructed in 1460 by Rao Jodha, the founder of the Sun City, Jodhpur. The fort   is located at an altitude of 400 feet.

The Jodhpur Fort is a living entity of the battles fought at this desert land. Till date you can view the palm prints of the monarchs and imprints of cannon balls at the historic walls of the Mehrangarh Fort. The magnificent Jodhpur Fort has seven gateways, each built to celebrate victory.

For example, the gigantic Jayapol had been built by Maharaja Man Singh to commemorate his victory over Jaipur and Bikaner. The Fattehpol is the victorious gateway on the defeat of Mughals by Maharaja Ajit Singh. The fort is a city in itself with palatial palaces and massive courtyards.

The beautiful Moti Mahal, also known as the Pearl Palace, treasures the royal throne of Jodhpur, the Sringar Chowk. The hidden balconies of this mahal cum proceeding room exhibit the importance of the Rajput queens in political matters. The Seesh Mahal, or the Palace of Mirrors is an epitome of ecstatic beauty with beautiful mirror works and plastered religious figures.

The Phool Mahal or the Palace of flowers is adorned with the prestigious rag mala, royal portraits and rich paintings. The other palaces of Jhaki Mahal, and Thakt Villa also are quest of ancient paintings and intricately designed wooden beams and pillars.

Turn the pages of the glorious history of Jodhpur at the museum of Jodhpur Fort. The museum has several sections. Like at the palanquin section, you can check out the different types of palanquins used by the Rajput royals, including the majestic Mahadol palanquin. The arms, costumes, paintings and exquisitely designed halls of the Jodhpur present before you a glimpse of the regal lifestyle of Jodhpur. Explore Jodhpur history and rich culture on the world leading luxury train Maharajas Express – The Indian Splendor.

As your exploration of the Jodhpur Fort comes to an end, get a birds’ eye view of the complete city under the sublime rays of the sunset. If you want a trip to Jodhpur in luxurious way, you can check the Fare of Maharajas Express and Departure dates of the train.

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