Rediscovering Western India – 6 Offbeat Tourist Destinations in Gujarat


Gujarat is a vast state in Western state dotted with numerous sightseeing destinations. However, some of the wonderful places in the ‘Jewel of Western India’ are often underrated when it comes to travel and tourism. Gujarat is rich in culture and heritage. The undiscovered historical places, landscapes and wildlife sanctuaries seek increased attention and here’s an effort to highlight the offbeat tourist destinations of Gujarat.

Make sure you visit each of them when in the city.

Gopinath Beach

The secluded Gopinath Beach away from the hustle and bustle of city is situated in the Gulf of Khambat, at a distance of 70kms from Bhavnagar. It isone of the most amazing offbeat travel destinations in Gujarat having spectacular beauty, rich biodiversity and limestone cliffs. When there, visit the famous Gopinath temple, a shrine 700 years old serving to be a popular highlight. Also see the beautiful palace with unparalleled architecture and history. Book your flights to Ahmadabad from India Eagle and pay a visit at the serene beach.


Situated 47 kilometers from Vadodara, Champaner is a city founded in the 8th century by then king VanrajChavda. The city served as the capital of Gujarat for quite a while in the past. Visit the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Champaner-Pavagarh archaeological park which would indeed be a treat to your eyes. There are around 11 types of buildings in the park some of which to be named are Kalika Mata Temple and Jama Masjid.

Navlakha Temple

The famous temple build in dedication to the Sun God is situated in Ghumli, Gujarat. It is one of the hidden places to visit in Gujarat for its history dating back to the 11th century. The temple is built in Solanki style but the large foundation base, the beautifully sculpted pillars; entrance gate, etc. need attention for repair and renovation. Some of the parts of the temple were destroyed during invasion of Ghumli. The main attractions are the idols of Vishnu-Lakshmi, Shiv-Parvatiand Brahma-Savitri.

Ninai Waterfalls

Flowing from a height of 30ft, the waterfall found its origin from River Narmada. You will experience a mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding landscape which helps the place gain popularity as one of the most alluring and attractive hidden places in Gujarat. Ride to the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary to observe wildlife closely. The best time to visit NinaiWaterfalls is during monsoon. Do not wait more and pack your bags to list the place in your travel itinerary.


Saputara is an immensely beautiful hill station situated in Wanarchond, Gujarat. The top tourist attraction in the area is the botanical garden and Gira Falls which is a spectacular picnic spot. If you want to make the most of your trip to Saputara, visit this undiscovered place in Gujarat during monsoons. The Gira Falls flows from a height of 75 feet, originating from the Kapri and joins the River Ambika as its falls down. You will get engrossed in the awe-striking beauty of the place and who wants to leave peace and solitude. Some other nearby tourist attractions includesPurna Wildlife Sanctuary and Vansda National Park.


Out of the many hidden places in Gujarat, Patan is one dotted with alluring step walls, lakes, splendid temples and preservation of vast history. Founded in the 745 Ad, the city was the capital of Chandva Rulers. Do not forget to allure the archaeological beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rani kaVav. It has been declared as the cleanest Indian heritage site. The site is designed like an inverted temple paying gratitude towards water. The best time to visit Patan is anytime between October and March to make the most of your trip.

If you want to explore the undiscovered part of the Western India, start with Gujarat. You will be amazed to see such mesmerizing beauty in the state. Follow this list of offbeat tourist destinations in Gujarat and rediscover the charm of the beautiful state.

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