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The first British rule of democracy in India and its earlier rule was running. The hymns of the kings were also ink. Most large palaces were built to stay. The palace was built on more places as much as the area of ​​the state. After independence, the palaces were handed over to the Raj family. But due to the lack of money, the condition of these historical heritage began to become scarce. There was something different today in the palaces that were rococo. After seeing such a situation of the buildings, the Government lifted the palace handle on itself, and it was opened to the tourists. Many businessmen took the palaces on rent and made the hotel.

1) Nimrana Mahal, Alwar:

Built in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, this fort is one of India’s ancient monuments. It was built around 1460, after which the earth became the capital of Chauhan III. This hotel is very popular because of its close proximity to tourists such as SariskaBagh Sanctuary, Kankwadi Fort, Neelkanth Temple, Pandhalol, Tijara Memorial, SiliserahZil, Jaisalmand, Bhangadh-Awyagadha.

 2) Narendra Bhavan, Bikaner:

NarendraBhavan is part of India’s Historic Resort Hotel chain. It is counted in many important parts of Rajasthan for its antiquity and evening decoration. To stay in this palace can cost up to 5 to 10 thousand rupees.

3) TajFalaknuma Palace, Hyderabad:

This fort was built by English sculptors. Its base was made by the Iord-Sir Sir Biker of 1884. Then the Nizamas took control over it. Today this palace has been converted into a hotel. It has been opened for tourists since 2010, its rooms and walls have been well-equipped with orange furniture, called Brocade, called from France.

4) Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur:

Taj Lake Palace was first known as JaguIwas. The fort was built by Maharaja Jagat Singh II, between 1783 and 1786, by the royal dynasty of Mewar. This fort has also been converted into a luxury hotel of 83 rooms. It is considered one of the most romantic hotels in the country.

5) Fateh Light Palace, Udaipur:

Built on the name of Maharaja Fateh Singh, this fort is built against the Pichola Lake of Udaipur. After the year 2000, it has been renovated and included in the Heritage Hotel.

6) Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur:

It was built at the beginning of the 19th century. It was also considered as a house of King SawaiMaddhin. In 1957, it was included in the laggery hotel. Its new design has been prepared by Samuel Schinton’s Jacob.

7) Brumaraja Palace, Varanasi:

This ancient fort has now been replaced by a five-star hotel. The fort was constructed in the 18th century (220 years ago) by the Rajghora of Nagpur, on the banks of Kashi Nanga Gangetic. After the Azad, the palace was included in the Heritage Hotel.

8) Vijay Vilas Palace, Kutch:

This fort was constructed in 1929 by Maharaja RaoVijayrajje. This temple is made on the shore of the sea, due to which it gets four-moon on its beauty. Because of the earthquake of 2001, many parts of this palace were broken. After which it was renovated and changed to a hotel.

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